Basic Engine Rebuilds

While most shops are going the way of the dodo bird, Jetworks continues to specialize and modify PWC engines. We have many options If you need a basic engine rebuild for your weekend warrior or your family workhorse! One thing to take notice of is is that we don’t use cookie-cutter parts or machining process, such as someone like SBT, All machine work is carefully done to our experienced perimeter. We do have some requirements before you decide to send us your engine for a rebuild.

-All core parts must be reusable i.e.: no broken cases or cylinders, we do not weld or work on welded cases/cylinders, no exceptions.
-Remove All nonessential parts i.e: Exhaust Manifold, Intake Manifold,
-Do not send us a complete rust bucket, if you want to know if you have something we can work on please email us.

$1250 Yamaha 650/701/760
$1680 Yamaha 800 Power Valve (Includes New Cylinders)
$1420 Yamaha 1100/1200 Non-Power-Valve
$1990 Yamaha 1200 Power Valve (Includes New Cylinders)

$1300 Polaris 780 Fiji Engine
$1200 Polaris 700/777 NonDi Engine
$1050 Polaris 1050/1200 NonDi Engine
$2020 Polaris 1200 Di Engine

$790 Kawasaki 650
$1050 Kawasaki 750
$1780 Kawasaki 800 (Premium Parts Only)
$1640 Kawasaki 1100 NonDi

$1075 Sea-Doo 720
$1475 Sea-Doo 800
$1825 Sea-Doo 951 NonDi

Cylinder Boring
$65 Per Hole, Bore, Hone & Chamfer, up to 0.5mm Over. – With Piston Purchase
$85 Per Hole, Bore, Hone & Chamfer – Without Piston Purchase
$10 Surcharge for any size over 0.5mm