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2018 Yamaha Waverunner Release and Updates

Yamaha has revealed the new 2018 Waverunner lines ups, with so many drastic changes made in the past few years such as the SVHO, The new GP/VXR Platform, and the EX Entry level skis, it makes sense why nothing much has changed other than the colors, but the line is still probably one of the best Especially because the 2018 Yamaha SuperJet is still a thing! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and the best selling, fan favorite stand up watercraft is definitely not broken.

Black Jack Carbs for your Sea-Doo 785cc / 800cc Engine

We have a solution for those looking to install big carbs on a Sea Doo 800 engine.

Our modification uses a custom linkage set up and an OEM intake manifold that we modify to accept Black Jack Carbs, either 44mm or 46mm.

Jetworks “Sleepy Ninja” Kit For the Kawasaki SX-R 1500c

Wake up your Kawasaki SX-R’s 1500cc Ninja engine heritage with the Jetworks “Sleepy Ninja” Performance Kit!

Jetworks Tuned ECU (We tune your ECU)
R&D Air Filter Kit
Custom Pitched Impeller

Just these three things and you are able to gain 4-5 MPH! That’s 65MPH!

$1099.99 E-Mail or call to order, Kit will be added to store soon for easy checkout.


New Rickter MX-1 Hull!

While most people still prefer the Stand Up Style Watercraft for freeriding there is a small group of people who like the Yamaha WaveBlaster due to it’s “dirt bike like” feel. It features some traditional mods such as being a bit short along with some nose rocker, but by far the biggest benefit, which is also the Blasters weakest, is that it’ll be able to take the abuse of mid-air bails without having to worry about the hull.

Taking orders Now! Hull or Full ski.

Rickter MX-1 Jetworks Yamaha Wave Blaster Waveblaster

New 4-Stroke Kawasaki SX-R Stand Up Jet Ski!

Probably the biggest news since the Spark, actually this is way bigger. We’ve been hearing rumors since the last 800 SX-R Left the showroom, but this is official, Kawasaki to release a new 4-Stroke Powered Stand Up Jetski Later this year.

And here’s a spy photo was taken at Dana Point, a common place Kawasaki does there testing.


In other 2017 OEM News, while not nearly as interesting, but definitely unexpected, the guys over at Sea-Doo have amped up their Spark with a new “Trixx” version. This new version features a freestyle like “Up Trim’ VTS nozzle system for performing “tail stands” and hopefully back flips one day, as well as an aluminum height adjustable steering system. Blaster guys? The Spark is calling 😉

  2017 Sea-Doo Spark Trixx 11 2017 Sea-Doo Spark Trixx 2


Watercraft as utility tools.

Many of you may already know that runabouts are the go-to vehicle in water rescue situations. And that being the case its incredibly popular in surfing here’s a few clips giving you further detail on they guys helping the Us Open of Surfing and The Ultimate Waterman event in NZ

Factory Zero Totes, RRP Trim Systems & Solas 148mm Pumps – In Stock!

Made in Japan and used by the pro’s, these beach totes disassemble for easy transport and includes large custom spec Factory Zeros wheels and tires for easy maneuverability on the beach!

Factory Zero Ski Tote $850

And new for 2015 the RRP Freestyle Trim system was designed to allow for better control during maneuvers and tricks and it’s tight tolerances minimaize water pressure loss. Available for 144mm & 155mm Yamaha style pumps.

$650 144mm

$750 155mm

Also new is the updated version of the Solas Yamaha style pumps, now in 148mm sizes and still made of 100% stainless steel for a lifetime of use, even in salt water! Stator and wear ring both available in 148mm sizes to fit you new Jetworks Spec 148mm Impeller.
$999.99 for the set, also sold individually.

$646.99 Solas 148mm Stainless Steel Pump Stator Section

$392.99 Solas 148mm Stainless Steel Wear Ring


Black Jack T.T. Modification

Black Jack T.T. Carb Modification The Black Jack T.T. Mod is the best and only modification for your Stock 38mm OR 40mm Mikuni Carburetors off of the 1996+ Yamaha 701cc SuperJet and Kawasaki 800SX-R/ 750SXI-Pro

Just Like there big brothers SBN Black Jacks they don’t load up, are easy to tune, offer superb fuel consumption when compared to bigger carbs and best off all, hit extremely well for their size. They also allow you to use you stock air box which makes them perfect for surf riding.

Modification is $188 Per Carburetor

Black Jack TT Carburator Modification by Jetworks Performance for Yamaha SuperJet and Kawasaki 800 SX-R/ 750 SXI Pro

*This is a modification to customer provided carburators, we do not sell The Black Jack TT out right.
for the larger sized Black Jack Carburators sold outright click here Black Jack SBN’s

Modification is $188 Per Carburetor

Watch the video below so see the carbs in action on a Jetworks 850cc SuperBore engine!