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We’ve been working on our store for a few years now and it’s finally up! Click on over the shop tab and browse over 1000 in stock items! New items are added weekly! if you need something you don’t see feel free to contact us!

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New Product – Jetworks Central Steering System and Rickter Plug

Jetworks Central Steering System

The shortest steering system available to date! The Jetworks Central Steering System(AKA C.S.S.) is 4 inches shorter than stock, putting the bars on top of the center pivot point, offering less flex and a more responsive and precise feel when turning, and because here at Jetworks, we ride salt constantly, we decided to not reinvent the wheel, and designed our system with bushing. This means no more rusty bearings, maintenance and incredibly smooth turning feel. Works with Yamaha & Kawasaki’s and includes all necessary hardware for installation.

Jetworks Css Installed

Click here to buy Jetworks CSS (Central Steering System) – $199

-Fat bars only.
-Works on 1996+ SuperJet, AC, and UMI handlepole With Jetworks Chinpad
-Cast & Solid Billet RRP handlepole With Ninja Chinpad

Also new is a Surf Plug for all Rickters!
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It’s common knowledge that the scuppers on most skis end up doing more harm than good, and the Rickters are no exceptions to the rule, this plug works in conjunction with you exciting scupper valve by fitting inside the scupper tube adding that extra little piece of mind for when you ski sit upside down from a failed flip or roll.

Works on all Rickters and aftermarket hulls that use a Rickter style and size scuppers. 2 & 3/4″(70mm).

Click here to buy Jetworks Surf Drain Plug – $125

***We Strongly recommend not leaving your ski floating in the water for long periods of time if you have a scupper or this drain plug.

2016 Rickter Edge

Coming after the Rickter EVO comes the Edge, Featuring a shorter hull and redesigned rocker, its designed specifically for surf riding with flat water capabilities.
Available in hull only or in custom turn key ski with Jetworks 771cc, 950, 1100cc, or 1200cc drivetrain configurations.
Taking orders now!
Ask Us About Our Starter Kit!

2016 2017 Rickter Edge

Recently Completed Jetworks Built 950cc Mega Bore Rickter Edge in Blue “Trash Look”

Jetworks 950 Rickter Edge


Factory Zero Totes, RRP Trim Systems & Solas 148mm Pumps – In Stock!

Made in Japan and used by the pro’s, these beach totes disassemble for easy transport and includes large custom spec Factory Zeros wheels and tires for easy maneuverability on the beach!

Factory Zero Ski Tote $850

And new for 2015 the RRP Freestyle Trim system was designed to allow for better control during maneuvers and tricks and it’s tight tolerances minimaize water pressure loss. Available for 144mm & 155mm Yamaha style pumps.

$650 144mm

$750 155mm

Also new is the updated version of the Solas Yamaha style pumps, now in 148mm sizes and still made of 100% stainless steel for a lifetime of use, even in salt water! Stator and wear ring both available in 148mm sizes to fit you new Jetworks Spec 148mm Impeller.
$999.99 for the set, also sold individually.

$646.99 Solas 148mm Stainless Steel Pump Stator Section

$392.99 Solas 148mm Stainless Steel Wear Ring


Black Jack T.T. Modification

Black Jack T.T. Carb Modification The Black Jack T.T. Mod is the best and only modification for your Stock 38mm OR 40mm Mikuni Carburetors off of the 1996+ Yamaha 701cc SuperJet and Kawasaki 800SX-R/ 750SXI-Pro

Just Like there big brothers SBN Black Jacks they don’t load up, are easy to tune, offer superb fuel consumption when compared to bigger carbs and best off all, hit extremely well for their size. They also allow you to use you stock air box which makes them perfect for surf riding.

Modification is $188 Per Carburetor

Black Jack TT Carburator Modification by Jetworks Performance for Yamaha SuperJet and Kawasaki 800 SX-R/ 750 SXI Pro

*This is a modification to customer provided carburators, we do not sell The Black Jack TT out right.
for the larger sized Black Jack Carburators sold outright click here Black Jack SBN’s

Modification is $188 Per Carburetor

Watch the video below so see the carbs in action on a Jetworks 850cc SuperBore engine!

It’s Been a great year here at Jetworks!

We hope all you guys have a great holiday season, its been a great year!

From December 22nd through January 5th we will be open at very minimal hours and for all practical purposes closed.

2015 has been a great year, and crucial year in terms of the future of Jetworks. We thank everyone who has hopped on the Jetworks train, and we excited to show you guys what we have in store for 2016!
-Team Jetworks

For any urgent matters please contact

2016 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300HP W/ 1630cc Ace Engine

Sea-Doo has been using the original Rotax 1503cc 4-Tec engine since 2002 slowly refining and massaging it over the years to get more power and improve reliability, but with more than a decade of use, their is no doubt it was time for an update.

Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

The New Rotax 1630cc 300 Horsepower engine keeps the same SOHC 3 cylinder 100mm bore configuration but gains it’s displacement by an increasing the stroke by 5.8mm for a total of 69.2mm, but increasing the displacement 100cc does not create a 40hp gain but it does allow the engine to develop a stronger bottom and mid range power. The power gains come mostly from a new intercooler and super

The new Supercharger is actually smaller than the outgoing model but more efficient using a 32 blade compressor wheel and spinning faster at 47,000RPM. Sea-Coo even claims the Supercharger is maintenance free due to the improvements on the clutch system, composite style bearings, and using thicker shaft almost an inch in diameter.

Along with the bigger engine a new supercharger, Sea-Doo has made improvements on the Intercooler and cooling system making it 33% more efficient, a redesigned cylinder head, and improved electronics including the new style fuel injectors and ignition coils. All of these changes help develop 300hp.

Sea-Doo RXP-X 300

Obviously if you plan on keeping it stock and only care about top speed, it won’t make a big difference since ALL PWC’s are have a restricted top speed (at least in North America) but after riding the new 2016 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 and comparing it back to back with the out going 260 model, I can say the difference is definitely there especially out of sharp turns and in the mid range, but what this new Sea-Doo 1630cc really delivers is a better platform to build on when doing modifications for racing or all around fun.

Something to look out for is that for the past few years Yamaha has been dominating the Stock Class in closed course racing, but with this new engine in the RXP-X I think the competition is going to be closer than ever before!

The 2016 Yamaha SuperJet™ & Yamaha FZR

Yamaha’s most notorious Waverunner® continues its saga with new 2016 edition of the SuperJet™, now offered in “Pure White With Black” & “Pure White With Orange & Blue”
For those looking to go fast Yamaha’s all new 1800cc Supercharged 2016 FZR with it’s Nano Xcel “2” hull is the choice, proven by winning 2014 Stock Class Runabout at World Finals.

Contact for purchase inquires.

Also new for 2016 is Yamaha’s all new TR-1 3 Cylinder Marine Engine for the entry level watercraft.

Black Jacks Carbs – In stock and ready to BRAP!

We just finished a batch of Black Jack Carbs, the last batch didn’t even last a week so get them while you can!
You don’t want to be stuck without these guys on your ski this season do you?