For Sale – Kawasaki SX-R 1500cc

This is a brand new Kawasaki 1500cc SX-R with some bolt on goodies, still has its Kawasaki warranty until April of next year.
Can ship worldwide.

RRP Billet Pole
RRP Ninja Chin Pad
RRP Steering Stop
Jetworks CSS Steering System
Jetworks SX-R 15F Light Bracket
Jet Trim Race Spec Mat Kit
Graphics Kit
Does 60MPH on 87 Octane, if you want to go faster let us know and we can make it happen.



2018 Yamaha Waverunner Release and Updates

Yamaha has revealed the new 2018 Waverunner lines ups, with so many drastic changes made in the past few years such as the SVHO, The new GP/VXR Platform, and the EX Entry level skis, it makes sense why nothing much has changed other than the colors, but the line is still probably one of the best Especially because the 2018 Yamaha SuperJet is still a thing! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and the best selling, fan favorite stand up watercraft is definitely not broken.

Black Jack Carbs for your Sea-Doo 785cc / 800cc Engine

We have a solution for those looking to install big carbs on a Sea Doo 800 engine.

Our modification uses a custom linkage set up and an OEM intake manifold that we modify to accept Black Jack Carbs, either 44mm or 46mm.

Jetworks “Sleepy Ninja” Kit For the Kawasaki SX-R 1500c

Wake up your Kawasaki SX-R’s 1500cc Ninja engine heritage with the Jetworks “Sleepy Ninja” Performance Kit!

Jetworks Tuned ECU (We tune your ECU)
R&D Air Filter Kit
Custom Pitched Impeller

Just these three things and you are able to gain 4-5 MPH! That’s 65MPH!

$1099.99 E-Mail or call to order, Kit will be added to store soon for easy checkout.


New Rickter MX-1 Hull!

While most people still prefer the Stand Up Style Watercraft for freeriding there is a small group of people who like the Yamaha WaveBlaster due to it’s “dirt bike like” feel. It features some traditional mods such as being a bit short along with some nose rocker, but by far the biggest benefit, which is also the Blasters weakest, is that it’ll be able to take the abuse of mid-air bails without having to worry about the hull.

Taking orders Now! Hull or Full ski.

Rickter MX-1 Jetworks Yamaha Wave Blaster Waveblaster

2017 Kawasaki SX-R 1500 Jet Ski – 4Stroke

Today was the official release, of the new 2017 Kawasaki SX-R.

While we were hoping that it would use a new engine such as Yamaha and Sea-Doo released for their entry level craft, Kawasaki decided to use their 1500cc 4 cylinder four-stroke that they’ve been using for over a decade. While it does put out over 150hp the engine itself weighs almost 200lbs. It’s claimed to do 60mph stock, but acceleration won’t be as good as a modded two stroke due to the added weight, which hasn’t officially listed yet (rumored to be over 500lbs), the overall dimensions are whopping 30″ wide and 8ft 8″ long (18″ longer than the 800 SX-R) in fact the underside of the craft resembles an STX rather than the outgoing 800 SX-R , so much so that it features it’s 148mm axial flow pump and runabout style sponsons. No price has been announced yet, but it’s believed to be under $11k

While we’re disappointed that they didn’t use a newly developed engine that would be smaller and allow room for forced induction, it’s understandable that they used what they had for the small market that is stand up PWC’s. This new ski won’t phase out the use of two-stroke in Racing or Freestyle, but it’s exciting to see an OEM making in an effort to bring people into the Stand Up Scene.

And as always, stay tuned future modifications we’ll be offering for this new four-stroke SX-R. Since this is the exact same engine that’s in the Kawasaki STX-15 I’m sure we’ll be able to hit 70MPH without much issue.

Jetworks Online Store Now Up!

We’ve been working on our store for a few years now and it’s finally up! Click on over the shop tab and browse over 1000 in stock items! New items are added weekly! if you need something you don’t see feel free to contact us!

Everything ships same or next day!


FZR dead, Yamaha GP 1800 is here!

If you follow up on our blog some of you may know of our appreciation for the Yamaha VXR, We compared it to the Yamaha GP1200R in the way that it is more than enough for your average rider. 1800cc, 180hp, and naturally aspirated for ultimate reliability, and last year they updated it with a completely new hull. While some were sad that it wasn’t as fast as the old model due to drag, but it handled significantly better, almost too good. This year we find out why.

  2017 Yamaha GP1800 WaveRunner 1 2017 Yamaha GP1800 WaveRunner 2

Yamaha brings back the GP moniker with the Yamaha GP1800. Featuring a 160mm, 8 vane pump and powered by the 1800cc HKS Supercharged SVHO engine which was recently revised to 250hp in 2014 for the FZR. This engine is the best platform for modification due to being the biggest displacement engine and highest torque rating. In stock form Yamaha restricts the engine fairly heavily for reliability and legal reason, yet benefits the most from simple bolts on parts, However, this isn’t new information so what is?

It’s the hull. While the Yamaha FZR was a great ski, its biggest weakness was the hull, especially when compared to the Sea-Doo RXP-X. Around a race course, there was no comparison, that is until now. Like I mentioned earlier this new GP1800 uses the same hull as last years new VXR, with the exception that the GP1800 uses NanoExcel2 technology. This means even with the added weight of the forced induction equipment the New GP1800 comes under the VXR’s weight at 752lbs dry, giving it a great power to weight ratio. Now we keep calling it the VXR hull but in reality, it was designed with the GP1800 in mind when the Yamaha R&D team went to work on it. Unlike the FZR that used be great at sweeper turns but not so much quick banks like you would need in a buoy race, the GP1800 is. It’s clear that Yamaha was coming after Sea-Doo’s RXP-X and I’m sure it’ll prove to be a worthy competitor, and an enthusiast favorite!

And yes if you, if you had any doubt everyone’s favorite stand up was gone rest assured, the 2017 Yamaha SuperJet lives on!